,SUNENERGY oxford, VODACELL COMUNICATIONS, VODACOM-EUROPE and SIMPLY AIRTIME Have been trading from northern cyprus under the control of MEHMET M He is operating a very large criminal organisation which has filtered millions of pounds from elderly pensioners and unsuspecting investors by selling ghost alternative investments and pocketing 100% of the investors money. All of these companies have and are being operated from his home town of Girne , Northern Cyprus were he lives also!!!!This person I can only describe as PIG!!!

has preyed on unsuspecting individuals and payed them money to act as directors for his companies to keep him self out of the picture , MEHMET M .

Has controlled this operation over half a decade and continues to trade due to laws in Northern Cyprus. BE ADVISED YOU WILL NEVER SEE YOUR MONEY AGAIN IF YOU INVEST WITH THIS MAN !!!

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